6th - 9th October 2019

Drivin’ with Nico is a signature event with every detail geared towards the highest quality and prestige in order to ensure a unique lifestyle adventure. It is an unforgettable, carefully curated driving experience blending in challenging time trials, scenic routes and wonderful moments of togetherness with kindred spirits. This curated lifestyle experience will reshape the traditional image of a car rally event by combining the celebration of the past, represented by classic cars, with an embrace of the present and future in the form of the latest cars.


When I was thinking about a car rally bearing my name, I immediately wished that it would include a lot of elements that belong to my personal and sporting history, as well as my current and future decisions. I love the automotive world. I am fascinated by the beauty and the elegance of classic cars, their ability to defy time with their design and by the outstanding collectors’ capability to preserve these specimens in perfect conditions-way past the wear and tear of time. Therefore, I wanted it to be a classic car rally. At the same time, I am getting more and more involved with the subjects related to environmental sustainability and climate changes. For this reason, I wanted that the drivers participating to this car rally would also be able to test some new technology performance cars, in particular those using hybrid and electric propulsion. Last but not least, I remain a driver that for years has made out of Formula 1 his job besides his passion. The idea to get on track on the circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, together with my guests and try in a safe and fun way some sport cars, seemed to be a perfect occasion.

The location for this first edition could only be a place to which I have a strong attachment to: Montecarlo and the Côte d’Azur. The first edition of Drivin’ with Nico Rosberg is a combination of all these elements: three days together with a limited number of crews with whom I would like to share my passions, my professional path as an F1 driver and a lot more. All of this in a wilfully informal and welcoming atmosphere. Every detail will be subject to care and will be sought to be exclusive, in the deepest and most beautiful meaning of the word.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I am waiting on you.

Gentlemen, please start your engines.

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Drivin' With Nico Rosberg

Majestic locations, beautiful roads, luxurious retreats, unique cars and the expertise of a F1 champion are the main ingredients that make this event an unprecedented experience. All these highlights are made truly special and unforgettable thanks to the unique chance to be mentored and drive with a real champion – Nico Rosberg.

Classic cars experience

To create an extraordinary event and a symbolic spectrum of the classic automotive industry, Drivin’ with Nico Rosberg welcomes cars of any make and model produced up to 1985 that hold high historical value.

Nico was born in 1985, so we decided to limit participation to cars produced up to that year, as well as including unique cars from the 1980s. We try not to focus on a single brand and will make a strict selection of the models upon registration.

The route we have planned is challenging, but we welcome newbies and seasoned regularity rally competitors alike. Driving through an exciting route on the roads of Provence, of the Côte d’Azur and of the Principality of Monaco, competing with a Formula 1 world champion: this is a lifetime, never to be forgotten, adventure.

A sense of competition and a mix of driving pleasure gracefully combined with delight at togetherness are the traits needed to be part of this experience. The distance on the regularity rally is around 250 kilometres, with participants facing average speed and time trials.

Racetrack sensations

The automotive world is constantly changing and developing new concepts that are taking us into the future. Drivin’ with Nico Rosberg wants to change the traditional concept of car gatherings by giving participants the unique chance to have a racetrack experience and drive some of the most exciting supercars on the current market.

Nico is really committed to the issue of sustainability, so this experience will focus on hybrid and electric cars. Ultimately, visitors will get a taste of all three worlds of automotive engines.

Drivin’ with Nico Rosberg will take participants on an official Formula 1 circuit: the Paul Ricard. This is the only experience where they will get to drive exhilarating supercars on a racetrack together with a former F1 world champion, who will give a demonstration lap. Professional instructors will give directions before handing over the car keys.

To ensure that participants enjoy the experience to the max and get the full thrill, we decided to offer the widest possible spectrum of supercars to test, collaborating with different brands.

Monaco, Provence-Côte d'Azur

This corner of France is one of the most beautiful, glamorous and poetic places to enjoy driving through back roads that offer a stunning view on a variety of landscapes. The Principality of Monaco is synonymous with luxury and elegance, as one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, and is known for its casinos, beaches, skyscrapers, fashion and the Grand Prix that takes place along the city streets.

Provence and the Côte d’Azur have inspired some of the finest artists of all time with their extraordinary scenery: fields of lavender, ancient olive groves, clifftop roads, rolling hills and snow-topped mountains. With its shades of blue, the Mediterranean is like a bright mirror that reflects endless skies and frames white sandy beaches.

Besides the breathtaking landscapes, what is truly inspiring and drew artists such as Cézanne, Picasso and Rénoir to the region is the light. Matisse was so enchanted by the quality of the light and the vivid colours that he claimed he could only get into the right state of mind to paint along the Côte d’Azur.

The passion for food is another highlight of this region, where the ingredients of Mediterranean cooking meet one of the best gastronomic traditions in the world.


6th - 9th October 2019

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